Золотой лев Венеции для Рафаэля Монео, Питер Элей присоединяется к UCCA и многое другое: Morning Links from April 30, 2021

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THE CASTELLO DI RIVOLI MUSEUM IN TURIN, ITALY, has become a vaccination site, and is offering special perks for those getting shots. The Swiss artist Claudia Comte has designed a relaxing sound piece for the occasion, and since the museum is closed, they will have exclusive access to the institution until it reopens May 6. In a new essay for ARTnews , the institution’s director, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, explains why the building is now home to vaccinations. «Искусство всегда помогало, исцеляло и лечило, — пишет она, — а в нашем музее достаточно места для безопасного, физически дистанцированного взаимодействия и дружелюбных гидов, обученных наблюдать за публикой».

AFTER A ONE YEAR DELAY, THE VENICE ARCHITECTURE BIENNALE is set to open in just three weeks, and its organizers have announced that it will bestow a Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement on the Spanish architect and theoretician Рафаэлю Монео, 83 года. His buildings include the National Museum of Roman Art in Mérida, Spain, the Davis Museum at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, and an expansion of the Prado in Madrid. The biennale’s curator, Hashim Sarkis , said that Moneo “has highlighted the ability of every architectural project to respond to contingencies of site and program while transcending them.” At the awards ceremony on May 22 in the floating city, the late, great Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi will also will be honored with a Golden Lion.


Speaking of Venice . . . Despite a decree from the Italian government prohibiting massive cruise ships from sailing through its historical center, they are continuing to do so, Anna Somers Cocks writes. Проблема в том, что альтернативный порт, который они должны использовать, еще не подготовлен для них. [The Art Newspaper]

Former MoMA PS1 chief curator Peter Eleey is joining Beijing’s UCCA Center for Contemporary Art as curator-at-large, based in New York. UCCA готовится к открытию нового филиала в Шанхае. [ARTnews]

Newark, New Jersey is currently considering designs for a Harriet Tubman monument that were submitted by artists Abigail DeVille, Dread Scott, Jules Arthur, Nina Cooke John, and Vinnie Bagwell. Окончательное решение будет принимать жюри из 14 человек. [New Jersey Stage]

A finger that was severed from an ancient bronze sculpture of the Roman emperor Constantine more than 400 years ago has been reattached at the Capitoline Museums in the empire’s former capital. The digit was identified at the Louvre in Paris by a wise researcher in 2018. Ранее она была ошибочно идентифицирована как палец ноги. [The Guardian]


Following the donation of some 23,000 artworks by the family of Samsung leader Lee Kun-hee to state museums in South Korea, the government said that it is looking into ways to expand its art storage capacity.  [The Korea Herald]

Artist, poet, and chef Precious Okoyomon has been on a tear of late, with a residency at Luma in Arles, France, and an exhibition at Performance Space New York. Now they have on deck an 18-month show at the Aspen Art Museum in Colorado, a performance as part of Frieze New York—and a project in the May 2021 “New Talent” issue of Art in America[Financial Times]


IF YOU ARE NOT ENTIRELY BURNED OUT on the topic of NFTs: The Museum of Modern Art has just posted a freewheeling conversation between curator Michelle Kuo and artist Seth Price on the subject. It turns out that both Price and Beeple use the same 3D movie-making program to create still imagery. “So it’s a use of this extremely complex tool in a very dumb way, and it can be interesting when you misuse a tool,” Price says. Когда речь заходит о росте НФТ, он утверждает, что «причина использования искусства здесь в том, что оно само по себе является хорошим инструментом для продвижения более крупного проекта, который заключается в развитии этих новых форм торговли, спекуляции, обращения». Искусство — просто полезный идиот в этом сценарии». [MoMA]


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